Grupo AOG

Argentina Olive Group has been organized under Ley 26005 (a federal act) as an export consortium whose objective is to satisfy top-quality requirements of both domestic and international Virgin Olive Oil markets. AOG comprises six of the most relevant virgin-olive-oil production companies and is coordinated by Mr Frankie Gobbee, a professional with sound experience in the global olive oil market. AOG specializes in the production and export of internationally-certified-quality olive oil.

Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional AAICI and ICBC Foundation gathered in AOG (six) small and medium sized companies recognized for their long-standing reputation as agro export company. The result is a global-reach business whose essential objective is to offer volume and top quality in all areas.

AOG has a wide variety of olive oil products that are highly refined. Our trees are irrigated with water from the Andes mountains and our harvesting and production processes are carried out with top-notch technology. We choose our raw material very carefully and our finished products undergo strict quality controls.

Each producer has its own plant equipped with the latest technology, which allows them to process their harvest in less than 24 hours and obtain more production volume, extra virgin olive oil and very low acidity (less than 0.5%).


We own more than 17300 acres of productive olive-oil plantations. This makes us the largest group in Latin America. Besides, we own six state-of-the-art production/processing plants that are located next to plantations. This allows us to obtain the quality our clients crave for.


  • Virgin soil, free of pollution, and policies that are concerned with the protection of the environment, makes our production sustainable and of excellent quality.
  • With more then 50 million dollars in investments, this group involves all the steps in the production process: elaboration, bottling, exporting and distribution of EVOO and related products.


  • We used mother plants with certified DNA from the best varieties in Italy, Spain, Israel, Greece and other countries to clone plants for our plantations, therefore achieving homogeneity and high quality in all of our harvests, present and future. This way, we become a stable and reliable provider.


We know that water is a scarce natural resource in the old world. That’s why we have placed our plantations more than 1000 mts over sea level. Low rainfall and wide temperature variations make this region one of the most adequate places to grow olives in the world. Israeli irrigation systems allow us to monitor and control the amount of water each plant receives through drip irrigation. We also have computerized sensors and intensive lots.


Our group has six state-of-the-art plants with continuous two and three-phase systems.

The processing of the oil in our plants follows the procedures and quality control regulations according to international standards like IOC (International Olive Oil Council). This allows us to obtain international quality EVOO, as regards the physical, chemical and organoleptic properties.

The grinding takes place within 24 hours from its harvest, obtaining this way the lowest possible acidity and the best quality in our oil. Our processing plants have a grinding capacity of 500,000 kilograms of olives per day, allowing us to get 75 tons of EVOO daily.

At present we count with Kosher, Halal, HACCP and BPM certifications, among others.


AOG counts with a department for private labeling development both for local and international markets.There are more than 10 olive varieties in our plantations (arbequina, picual, coratina, frantoio, lechino, mauri, changlot, arbosana, arroyo, etc). This enables us to offer our clients special and unique blends for every specific need.


At present we offer our clients the service of bottling in the following presentations:


  •  200 mL
  • 500 mL
  • 1000 mL
  • 3000 mL

Glass Bottles

  • 250 mL
  • 500 mL
  • 750 mL
  • 1000 mL

PET Bottles

  • 500 mL
  • 1000 mL
  • 2000 mL
  • 3000 mL
  • 5000 mL


AOG is the largest exporting olive oil group in Argentina at present.

Our consortium brings together the leading Olive Oil brands in the country to offer its international clients the commercial alternatives that best suit their needs and to ensure excellent business.

By working as a group and articulating each member’s experience, AOG is able to adapt its products to its client’s needs, develop new products and lower freight costs.

AOG also offers excellent quality-price ratio because it’s the leading company in Argentina as regards volume, exporting 5000 tons a year, bulk and bottled.

If you need more technical information regarding our products, you may request it by email at